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About Me

I built this website to get to know others who share my collector passion - especially mechanical advertising window displays, baranger motions, coin-op penny arcade machines and mechanical music devices from the early 1900's to 1950's.  For the last decade, I've been a very active collector and still have an eye for unusual devices especially those that fill a hole in the line-up or are simply unusual!


Lately, I've been learning about late 1800 and early 1900 medical instruments and devices such as lung machines, "nebulizers" and "quack" machines that ideally those with strong visual impact. While some collectors wish to remain anonymous for all the obvious reasons, I decided that establishing a dialog with fellow collectors is exciting and can lead to new friends and additions to one's collection.


The best relationships are of course personal, but they had to start somewhere. I decided to add this website arrow to my quiver and reach out. If you wish to share tales of the hunt, compare notes or prices on stuff or in a "buy, sell or trade mode", perhaps we should get to know each other!


Sandy Lechtick